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AZKABAN. At 8:05pm, mass murderer Sirius Black was pronounced dead by Ministry officials. At precisely 8pm Dementors administered the Kiss to Black in his cell in the prison.

Black's possessions will be sent to Professor Albus Dumbledore, as will his ashes to be buried in Hogwart's school private cemetary. Black was a graduate and gryffindor alumnus. He was the only son of Auror Paul Black and his wife Maria.

Sirius: Where was he again? He forgot.. Oh no he knew. It was Azkaban.. He was roused from a sleep plagued with nightmares, roughly battered. All he knew was that his lip was bleeding again and his ribs were broken and his hair a mess. They'd taken out all of his piercings (luckily not PULLED them out) and his shoulders he was sure had been dislocated and put back in place repeatedly. he didn't know how long he'd been here.. Only that he was cold.. and everything hurt.. and he could barely see in the darkness of the cell. "Up Black! We've got you a date tonight.. Pretty.. with black hair and nice full lips to give you a kiss..." he was dragged up by his hair and all he could do was whimper.
Lucius: Dementor!Lucy strode down the corridor flanked by two Ministry officials. So many dementors were around that no one notice this one not giving off any despair and cold. His costume would hold up to even the most scruitinizing of onlookers. They stopped at Sirius' cell.
Sirius: Sirius was tossed onto the floor by his hair in front of his executioner. There was blood matted in his hair, the crappy pajama type clothes they gave him were ripped and dirty and also bloody. He looked like death already. He couldn't even think straight just whimper more at the pain lancing through his entire body. The guard looked uneasy at the dementor. "Here's the scum.. " he said to the officials. Siri tried to scramble onto his knees but the boot of the guard hit him in the center of the back and pushed him hard onto the ground again. He cried out softly in pain as his chin came in contact with hard stone.
Lucius: Lucius walked inside, fighting very hard against the urge to help Sirius. He turned and 'looked' at the two officials with him. Nervously, they left, bringing the guard. No one liked to watch the Kiss being administered. Now alone with Sirius in the enclosed cell, he lifted him by his shoulders, holding him a few inches off of the ground so that they were the same height. His hands were charmed to look dementor-ish and he was wearing lifts in his shoes to make him taller.
Sirius: He drew in sharp breaths and whimpered as his shoulders were grabbed, the pain from the on and off dislocations shooting through him blindingly. But then again, most of his usually muscular body was bruised and swollen and cut. He shook slightly in the cold of this place that never seemed to go away. His face was downcast to the floor.
Lucius: He moved his hands to Sirius' neck, forcing his face upwards. Instead of the cold, dead dementor smell there was the smell that was uniquely Lucius. It was faint, but definate.
Sirius: he whimpered. He thought this was one of the moments when your life flashes before your eyes.. the smell of Lucius faintly wafting like a dream to drive him mad. Blood dripped from the gash on his chin and a cut over his bruised lip. One of his eyes was black. "So sorry Lucius.." he whispered in a rusty voice no louder than a whisper. His eyes diverted from where he knew the dementor's gaping mouth would be.
Lucius: His breath nearly hitched in his throat, but Luicus was too excited to feel sad. With one hand, he slowly brought his hood back, revealing . . LUCIUS (duh)!! He smiled dazzlingly at Sirius and whispered, "I believe you were promised a kiss?" His cheeks were flushed, and his eyes glistening with excitement and unshed tears.
Sirius: he stared at him blankly.. eyes a bit clouded and red rimmed.. the usual silver swirl he had was only a dull grey. "I'm dead." he said softly.
Lucius: "No, my love." Lucius wrapped his arms gently around Sirius' waist, pressing his lips to Siri's.
Sirius: he didn't respond at first.. staring blandly.. until the warmth started to seep through the impermeating cold and the scent was stronger.. and the lips were real. "Luc.." he said against the lips and kissed him back as hard as he could without his mouth hurting like a bitch. His arms weakly wrapped around the other man's neck, ignoring the screaming pain in his shoulders as best he could.
Lucius: He slipped his tongue inside, tilting his head and turning it into the best one of 'those' kisses ever. Warm tears fell from his eyes and landed on their cheeks.
Sirius: He made a soft hitched sigh, tears dribbling from his own eyes to trail down his own cheeks. His hands twirled lightly in Lucius' hair and he returned the kiss with everything he had left in him.
Lucius: Lucius broke the kiss gently, reluctantly. Still holding Sirius, he whispered. "They're going to send a guard in here. I'll stun him and force a polyjuice potion with your hair down him. Then we'll kill him. I have an extra potion. We'll place his hair in it and give it to you. Then we'll go home."
Sirius: He just nodded, still not sure if he was dead or if he was dreaming or what. "Can you heal me a little?" his voice still soft and raspy. He probably hadn't eaten or drank in while. "I don't know if I can walk.."
Lucius: "Oh, love of course." He backed up slightly and began casting spells over Sirius, quick ones that would hold the injuries in place and stop the pain. He didn't have time to do any more.
Sirius: He stood up on shaky legs and held himself steady. He stood back from the door against the wall a bit as he heard the rattling of the guard.He looked at Lucius and waited for the man to come in.
Lucius: Quickly, Lucius put his hood back on as the guard came in. He opened his mouth to ask why the hell Sirius was still alive, but Lucius' stunning spell hit him and he fell. Moving swiftly, he pulled a flask from his robes and dumped the contents down the unconscious man's throat. Then he stood and watched him change to Sirius.
Sirius: Siri just stood and watched, still too weak to do anything but just stand there. He looked at himself on the floor with dull eyes. "Kill him.. please." meaning now.. i want to get out of here.
Lucius: Eyes flashing, Lucius raised his wand and pointed it at the man. "Avada Kedavra!" He whispered fiercely.
Sirius: The man twitched only for a moment before death. Siri bent over shakily.. his wand lay next to the guy, he had fancied it be a souvenir when he took it from him when he arrived. He waited for the potion to turn into the guard.
Lucius: He took out another flask and plucked a hair from the guard, placing it in the flask. After giving it a good shake, he handed it to Sirius. "Quickly, now. They'll get suspicious."
Sirius: He drank it down, gagging a bit and coughing slightly as his skin bubbled and he morphed into the other man. He moved as fast as he could to switch their clothes until he looked the proper part.
Lucius: After checking his dementor guise, Lucius glided out, beckoning for Sirius to follow. The two officials let out a sigh of relief and hurried in the cell, pleased with whatthey found.
Sirius: He 'escorted' the Dementor out of the cell, hand on the nightstick on his hip, the wand hanging as his 'souvenir'. He made himself not limp or show anyweakness if he could help it. He justwaved to other guards who greeted him.. looking 'nervous' about having to walk with the dementor.
Lucius: They exited the prison, both playing their parts perfectly. Apparition wasn't able on the island, so they'd both have to take the ferry out.
Sirius: He was already feeling shitty again and his joints burned. He blinked against the sunlight uncontrollably. When they got to the ferry, the magicked boat needed no traficker. Once they had gotten a bit away he slumped back, closing his eyes and breathing a bit.. gasping fresh air.
Lucius: In case anyone was watching, Lucius stayed in character, extept for sitting closer than normal to Sirius and whispering. "I love you."
Sirius: His eyes opened slightly, dull grey orbs catching the light to have the small silver flecks only illuminate slightly. "Love you too.." in his soft rasp of a voice.
Lucius: Smiling radiantly, Lucius stepped off the ferry. "We'll need to apparate, and you're in no condition to do so." He gently pulled Sirius close, wrapping his arms about him adn apparating to Malfoy Manor's entrance hall.
Sirius: He slumped into the other man's arms.. the Polyjuice already wearing off.. leaving him back to his horrid looking self.. in clothes way too long for him. "What about..?" your wife.. lupin.. anyone. He was really weak once more, the light healings Lucius used not lasting as long either.
Lucius: Very gently, he picked Sirius up, cradling him in his arms. His hood had fallen back, but he still had the lifts in and everything, but the charms for his hands had worn off. He carried Sirius to the closest bathroom, the master one connected to THEIR bedroom. "It doesn't matter. Nothing else matters right now." The huge tub was already full of hot, soapy water.
Sirius: His eyes were already drifting closed.. and the coldness still lurked in his bones, making him shiver. " 'm cold.." he said softly, looking like he was going to pass out.
Lucius: He set Sirius on the low sofa next to the tub as he undressed the both of them. Lifting Sirius again, he went down the steps into the tub, setting Sirius on a step so that his head was above water.
Sirius: His head lolled back against the step, he felt the water, dissolving away most of the coldness inside of him. He still wasn't all there though, and he closed his eyes. He had cuts and lacerations over various parts of his body.. his chin and lip split.. his ribs broken.. most of his skin swollen and bruised.
Lucius: Gently and tenderly, Lucius washed his body fully, massaging his sore muscles.
Sirius: He drifted slowly into a state between consciousness and unconsciousness... He could hear.. and he sort of knew what was going on.. but he was too tired to do anything.
Lucius: Once Sirius was clean, he set to the lengthy task of healing his love. Each bone took a long time to put in place and heal, so it took him quite some time until Sirius was healed fully.
Sirius: He did wince at the more painful of the wounds, the jolts of pain bringing him halfway awake again. He watched Lucius with parched lips, the split only being a small cut had now been healed. He felt loads better.. but still shitty and starving and thirsty. He lifted his left hand to run over Lucius' face, the indentation obvious where his ring had been. He had to touch him.. to see if he was real.
Lucius: His eyes welled with tears as Siri's hand explored his features. "I have something for you . ." He whispered.
Sirius: He blinked in response.. his lips parting in a hitched breath but nothing else. Already small tears were leaking from his eyes and runing silently down his face,
Lucius: He slipped one hand under the water and bubbles to pull a long, fine chain from around his neck. On it was Sirius' wedding ring. Fighting back tears, Lucius removed it from the chain and slipped it on Sirius' finger, whispering, "With this ring, I do thee wed . . till death to us part."
Sirius: He breathed in shakily, tears running faster. He fought to sit up so he could embrace his husband. "Love.." was all he could rasp out.
Lucius: "Shh . ." He wrapped his arms around Sirius, holding him tightly, but not so tight as to hurt him.
Sirius: He melted against him. He cried silently, body shaking slightly as he cried. He closed his eyes, resting his head into his husband's chest. "Mine.." he rasped again before falling silent.
Lucius: "Yours . ." He was crying too, trembling slightly as he tried to hold it in.
Sirius: He breathed deeply, given up on trying to control it.. not in sense enough to try anything else. He relaxed as he felt himself drifting into unconsciousness again. "Bed.." he said softly.
Lucius: "Yes . . I'll carry you my love." He picked up Sirius, nuzzling his neck softly as he climbed from the bath. Stopping to get his wand, he walked to the bedroom, pulling back the sheets and lying Sirius down. With a small flick of his wand they were both perfectly dry, and Lucius slid in next to him.
Sirius: He wanted to shift.. to lay with him.. but he hurt all over. One of his arms just moved over to touch him again.. hIs anchor.. to keep making sure it was real. "Sleep.." he said softly, turning his face to look at him with slitted eyes.
Lucius: "Sleep, love." He placed an arm around Sirius' waist and watched Sirius.
Sirius: He slid as close as he could, letting out a tiny, very signature Siri, yawn. His face so close to his lovers yet not touching. "Thank you.. Love you.." another little yawn as his eyes were drifting slowly shut.
Lucius: "Love you." Silent tears slid down Lucius' face as he watched his husband.
Sirius: Quickly he slid into sleep, his breathing deep but coming out in small sighs and rasps in his parched throat. But he was warm.. the last of the coldness disappeared.. and a small part of his soul had settled back into place. And while in a state of not thinking.. he was very completely happy like this.
Lucius: He didn't sleep for a long time, just lay there watching the love of his life sleeping, tears cascading unheeded the whole time.
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